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    Okay, quick question folks. I've given up trying to get my stock Bluetooth DUN working after reading every thread on here and every other website, and spending numerous (read: too many!) hours getting the infamous "UKNOWN APPLICATION" error on my Treo 650 when I try to connect.

    So, right now, I'm thinking $34 for PDANet could be quite a steal. Sigh..

    Anyway, I just downloaded the trial copy, and it works flawlessly. My only concern is that when I connect, it shows me connected at 57.6 Kbps (slower than what EDGE is theoretically capable of), no matter if I connect over USB or Bluetooth.

    Is this normal? If you currently use PDANet, you can double-click on the PDANet network connection in your taskbar, and see what you are connected at under 'Speed'. Am I the only one?

    (Note that I went to to check my throughput, and I get right around 55-60 Kbps for my downstream each time I test.)

    Thanks for your help!
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    You need to raise the port speed on either (or both) the laptop or Treo. Its set at 56k.

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    Ok, I have the same problem, but I am on GPRS. How do I raise the port speed on a USB port and on a 600?

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