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    I am moving my Treo 600 to a new computer - it presently synch's with Outlook 2003 (no problens). I just cloned my Outlook 2003 to the new computer and it runs fine. What is the best procedure for me to synch my Treo on the new computer without losing all the phone settings?

    Should I install the Palm software on the new computer and just go ahead and synch, or do I need to copy over the old users folder, etc?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidA
    Should I install the Palm software on the new computer and just go ahead and synch......
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Yes, the Palm Desktop installation and be certain to use the exact same user name, when prompted, for this installation. All should sync fine but you may want to tell Hot Sync to have the handheld overwrite the Desktop for all of the Outlook conduits. Reason: depending upon the clone process - Outlook will look newer and if you've got updated data on the handheld and you might end up with some dupes.

    The other option: create subfolders for all of your PIM data in Outlook. The default PIM information will only sync to the main folder (unless your using Pocket Mirror Pro) and thus then you'd have the old data in subfolders and the sync data in the main folder (from the handheld).

    Since your using Outlook - copying over the old user folders would not have any benefit since Backup folder is where all of the none PIM data is stored and it's already on the handheld and will automatically be created in the backup folder after your first sync on the new PC.
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    Thanks very much - I hotsynch'd just before reinstalling Outlook, so that the information should be identical right now on the laptop and the Treo 600.

    I'll set the conduits as you suggest just to be safe.

    I appreciate the thoughtful and rapid response.

    Best regards,

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    Just an update - the sync worked fine with no duplicates. Amazing. Thanks again.

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