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    This is a real question. I need to convert a DVD movie to AVI. A while back, I took two of my DVDs and made AVIs out of them to copy to my Treo 650. At the time, I did not use Pocket DVD Studio. The programs I have, and may have used are

    DVD Fab Lite
    Img Tool
    DVD Decrypter

    I also have Smart Movie converter. What are the steps with these tools that could get me an AVI?
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    I use Pocket DVD which I think DVD Encrypter is the equivalent. After I encode with Pocket DVD, I run the .avi file through SmartMovie Converter. This usually gets the file size down to around 200mb and has great quality.

    I encode with Pocket DVD at a high resolution. Don't recall right off without looking. But, I do this so if I decided to I can watch the movie on my laptop at full screen with good resolution. That file is usually around 2GB. Large, but quality is excellent. I sometimes carry my laptop on trips and having the good quality gives me a movie to watch in my hotel when there's nothing else on.
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    I use Fair Use Wizard. All in one program, simple to use
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