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    I've tried to read as many search threads as possible before posting this question but couldn't find a response that completely answers my questions.

    They have to do with Audacity, Seidio 2-in-1, and SD cards.

    Problem #1: At maxed out volume on the Treo and the Seidio, the music and especially voice calls of the person I'm talking to are just not high enough. I don't think it's just my hearing. Is this the case for everyone or do I have an ineffective Seidio?

    Problem #2: While I'm driving, I use Treo/Audacity as a dictation device to record my thoughts and notes. But the quality of the recorded file is just too choppy with the background road noise. Is there a 3rd party Windows software that can post-process this WAV file to eliminate the background noise?

    Problem #3: I currently have a 512MB SD card which according to the card test from Audacity reveals to have a "fair" speed because they recommend I record at less than 11KHz PCM. I'm interested in purchasing a larger size card anyways and would like to take the speed into consideration. Can someone please provide input on how I can take the speed into account? I've read in some threads that the Ultra II's are also slow for some. I'm also really intersted in the 1GB Ultra II Plus which has the USB connector. The 1GB size is OK for me but what is the speed of the card?

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    Help please! Can anyone provide some insight to these questions?
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    I'll take a stab at it.

    #1 - I use the hbh-660 and the volume is great, though that doesn't mean it's loud enough for you.

    #2 - Someone posted a voice recorder app from another handheld (not sure if it's t3, t5, or lifedrive though). Try that and see.

    #3 - I think someone posted that the Ultra cards aren't any speedier than regular ones when they're in the treo slot. As for speeds, try here .
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    Thanks for the info and more importantly for trying!

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