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    After trying a bunch of different bluetooth headsets (TWH, HS850, SE 608, BT500 and Plantronics 640) I thought the Plantronics was the best there was even with a lot of static on some days. Then, yesterday I got a SE HBH662 and I am astounded at how little static there is and how much range I can get with it. As others have found, the volume is a little on the low side and I thought about using an eargel until I heard the LOUD tone the 662 makes when starting and ending a call.

    Has anyone found a solution to increasing the volume without getting their ears blasted by these tones while using an eargel?
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    To eliminate the loud tone when initiating a call, hit the mute button immediately after hitting the send button. Works great and eliminates what i would consider the only signficant drawback of the unti.
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    Unfortunately that tone is unpredictable. It's a hand-off with the gels. Yes the volume is louder once on but then your exposing yourself to, according to some, an ear shattering noise.... I wouldn't know, I don't use the gels and the volumes not that low for me. I sometimes do find myself honing in and trying to hear the person on the other end when I'm driving in lots of traffic with the windows down. I guess this is a good thing cuz now I make it a habit to pay extra attention to conversations in case I missed something..... something my wife really appreciates.
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    The only way I have found to eliminate the tone is to dial the call and leave the 662 out of my ear until I hear the beep. With the eargel it is easy enough to put in your ear and you have enough time before the call connects. Yep, it's loud enough you can hear the beep 1 foot away from your ear. Otherwise love it!
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    After using the 662 for three days, I am unfortunately getting quite a few comments that there are drop-outs or clipping and the other person has to ask me to repeat. Is this typical with the 662? With the Plantronicss 640, there is much more static but only a rarely clipped word(s).
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    I've used the 662 with and without an eargel and found the beep volume is not louder than the caller audio.

    Without the eargel I found the caller audio and beep to both be in similar volume and too low.

    With an eargel, the volume at times can be almost too loud if cranked way up and yes, at this level the beep may be loud, but I would not call it ear shattering from what I have heard.

    I just checked and the beep does not vary with the bluetooth volume level. However, even with the audio volume up all the way, the beep is still lower than that.

    Of course I am assuming my unit is doing the same thing others are doing.

    With all that....... it sure would be nice to just turn the thing off!! What is the purpose of this anyway.

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