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    I use Avantgo on the Treo and to free up on-board memory, can you run it from a SD card or at least store the websites on the SD card?
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    Go into AGConnect and under preferences, select 'store on card'. The channels you download will be stored on the memory card.
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    It never sticks for me.. One hotsync it'll go into SD card, then the next one it'll go into ram. But good luck with that, it apparently works for some people.

    BTW, if you can't select the card to go to, you have to name the SD card. You can do that from within the palm from the (bulit in) Card Info.
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    Many thanks Lulu....
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    Works for me too. Although I learned "hard way" that for this to work Treo needs as much free RAM as possible, otherwise Avantgo is dead slow on long texts, and would freeze Treo when refreshing wirelessly. Now I have about 8 Mb free RAM and it works just fine. (I use PowerRun and keep on the card all apps except those that would not work from the card -- those that sync to conduits, use alarms).
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    ZLauncher can sync programs moved to the card And maybe if they impliment my suggestion, perhaps in the future can also search programs moved to the SD card as well.
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    I remember reading about that in ZL manual, although the wording thay used was not so certain as yours. In any case, last time I checked (with ZL v.5.31) Avantgo did not sync when moved to the card by ZL.
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    Nope, AvantGo syncs just fine. Have to leave AGConnect in ram, as AvantGo itself looks for it there, but you can move the main AvantGo program to ZLauncher Apps with no problems. Syncs just fine.
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    Thanks for the info, I'll try that.

    On the other issue (reset when refresh wirelessly) I was wrong: my Treo still resets even after a reset (i.e. with clean DBCache) with 8Mb free RAM. The problem is acknowledged by Avantgo, and they do not recommend to refresh wirelessly when card is used to keep channel contents.
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    I've had AvantGo crash in online (wireless) mode plenty when the database was in ram.. I think it's just twitchy and crashy. Seems okay in offline mode, except for the weird random save-to-disk getting unchecked.

    Good thing I don't try to use it online much, or I'd get really annoyed with the problem.
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    This may be a silly question but to move Avantgo from RAm to SD do I have to reinstall? I have FileZ but it won't let me move the application.
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    Not sure about Filez, but I wouldn't think it'd be a problem? However, if you move it to the SD card with Filez, you won't be able to update it with Hotsync. Maybe you just use it online mode, if so, I don't see why FileZ wouldn't let you move it.

    AGconnect must stay in ram, regardless.

    What exact problem are you seeing?
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    Hmm... tried to sync Avantgo from the card (AGConnect stays in RAM), got the following error:
    The version of AvantGo on this device is incompatible with the version of AvantGo on your computer. Please upgrade your device software and sync again....
    AvantGo Connect synchronization failed
    I use PowerRun to launch apps from the card...
    So it is not only AGConnect in RAM that is needed, but apparently ZL's shortcuts are different from those by PoweRun.
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