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    During a hot sync last week I disconnected my Treo 650 before cancellation was finished (I know, my bad). Since then when Hot syncing, I get hung up on "Synchronizing Media". Computer goes into a never ending hot sync loop and I have to reboot my Treo. What should I do to fix this?
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    Try changing the action of the Media conduit to either "Handheld overwrites desktop" or "Desktop overwrites handheld".
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    Was having a similar problem. I tried that, and after I keep getting the following error in the Hotsync log:

    -- Media
    Unable to sync media file 'Photo_062205_002[1].jpg' on the card. Error code: 10803.
    OK Media with 1 message(s)

    I can't seem to find that file on the card with Filez to delete it. Any ideas?
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    You are looking in the DCIM folder on the SD card?
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    I had the same problem last week.
    I think what causes it is when you have several copies of either the same photos or multiple copies of the same folders, the sync goes into a loop.

    somehow I mistakenly duplicated my photos while trying to reorganize them into separate folders. I opened up the palm desktop on the pc and opened up the media files to see what the deal was.
    I found I had like 3 extra copies of certain images which I thought I had sorted away into a folder and copied to the card.

    deleting the extra pics solved the issue for me totally. see if it helps you out. on your desktop, open palm desktop application, click on media and look around for duplicate images or folders. delete your extras and then customize your hot sync to "desktop overwrites handheld" in the media file.
    sync and it should clear up the problem..
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    I overwrote my desktop with the handheld......and it worked! Problem fixed. Thanks for the tip! Followon threads were good for future reference. Thanks again.

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