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    I know there have been several threads about this, but I am interested in the IGO Pitch Duo.

    I'm a Professor at 3 Universities here in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and would love to run my PowerPoint presentations from my Treo 650. Lugging a laptop to the schools is a nuisance to say the least. Would THIS product do the job for me? I have a 1 GB SD card, so there are NO problems putting my Presentations (Chapters) on this card.

    I'm just a little worried a about it playing on the different types of projectors these schools have. They ALL support the video cable coming in to my laptop. Is it the same principle? How about Bluetooth? WOuld I have to configure this to EACH school, or should I not even use/need it? How about animation in a Powerpoint?

    How about price? I know this is a little pricey. Is there anywhere that MIGHT have a better price than another?

    THanks for any feedback or suggestions. I am about to buy QuickOFFICE as I THINK I WOULD PROBABLY NEED THIS.

    Thanks again.
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    I use the Igo pitch duo and love it. I have a Treo 650. The fact that you can leave the presentations on a SD card is great. It works beautifully and comes with two programs: Quickpoint lite- a pared down version of Quickoffice- works well but not as many options as the full version. Adequate if you don't need to edit the speaker notes on the palm. I was going to buy the full version to be able to edit the slides on my treo, but this is not available even in the full version. You can hide or reorder individual slides in either program. The other program allows you to display your treo screen "live" which is great for demonstrations or to display documents that are not in your presentation.

    The device works well with bluetooth or direct USB connection. It comes in a nice leather case and has for me, eliminated the need to buy, or lug around a laptop. This I believe is well worth the asking price of $250. I bought mine directly from the iGo web site and it was delivered in about three days, even though it was listed as "back ordered"

    I use a lot of photos in my presentation and they display beautifully! The quickpoint lite utility compresses the presentation and basically stores it on your PDA as a collection of JPEGs in a single proprietary format file. The down side is no live slide editing ability, the upside is impressive compression. I just gave a lecture with a native PPT file size of about 50MB that resulted in a Quockpointlite file size of 4.5MB

    The device will work with any projector at either 600x800 or 1400x768 resolution. You can even plug it directly into a computer monitor for small groups or in a pinch.

    The biggest problem with the unit has been that people swarm me after my lectures- not to discuss the topic, but to see how I gave a cool talk like that directly from my Treo.

    Let me know if you have any other questions- good luck.

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    Thanks for the response, I really appreciate it. I think you may have convinced me now. I will probably use the USB port instead of Bluetooth. The only reason is because I am not that familiar YET with Bluetooth technology.

    I was thinking about purchasing the full blown version of Quickoffice sinply because of the other features I can use. Spreadsheets for example for grades. You mention QUickpoint lite. Is there a difference between this and Quickpoint?

    How about the resolution you get on your presentations? Does it look 'close' to being as good as a notebook perhaps? I got the trial version of Quickpoint and the slides look great on the Treo 650! I was very impressed.

    How about ANY animation you MAY want to put into this? Have you tried this or is this too much to ask for? At the time, I do NOT have any animations but there are a couple I would sure like to add eventually to the presentations.

    I love the SD Card to put this stuff on. What a life saver Can you use the infrared port to 'change' the slides on the projector or do you literally have to be hooked up?
    DOes it come with the cables you need for the Treo 650?

    Sorry about all the questions Bob but I'm pretty excited about the idea and would love to get it running for the Spring Semester of 2006 for the schools I teach.

    I look forward to a respose and thanks again for responding.

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    Using the bluetooth option is easy- you just make sure it is turned on at the Treo and follow the promts- walking around wirelessly during the presentation is better than being tethered by a USB cord. You use the 5-way navigator up and down ring to change slides. At this point neither version of quick point supports animation or transition effects. While the slides look a bit better on the Treo screen with Quickpoint (full version) there is no difference in the projected slide appearance.

    The resolution is XVGA (if chosen) and will be limited by the maximum resolution of the projector.

    Quick sheets (the palm version of excel) is not included with the pitch and if you need this you need to buy the full version of Quick Office.

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