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    I just got my hands on a new laptop for work which has internal Bluetooth. I have BT @ home, but the control panel was different and the process of pairing my Treo 650 devide with my laptop (making a trusted device) obviously isn't the same as my BT @ home and I'm having trouble getting my Treo to connect to the laptop.

    I have created a serial port in the BT config, but when I try to add my laptop as a trusted device, I'm prompted for a passkey (which I haven't set on my laptop). Regardless if I OK through it or enter something, it seems to always timeout. Here's a screenshot of the BT config dialog on my phone...

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    Have you tried opening up the blue tooth control pannel and manually setting a passkey for your treo? Thats what I had to do. I used a simple key like 0000. When paring, the treo will ask for the passkey. Use the add a device wizzard for this operation. Hope this helps

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