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    I read all the reviews....all the posts.... and I purchased the vaunted Sony HBH-662. It paired great, the only problem is, I CANNOT HEAR my calls! BTW my hearing tests fine. Volumecare fixes the the handset lack of volume but I know it does not work with bluetooth (at least not yet).

    I mean if the caller is on a landline, talking loud, yeah it works. But a cell caller, not screaming, volume up all the way does not even cut it. I was jamming that thing in my ear to hear. I just use it with normal freeway road noise with the windows closed. Wasn't someone using a headset with a convertable??? No way with this setup.... Hey I do like the looks though.

    Unless there is yet ANOTHER magic utility that solves this problem (seems like the Treo needs 3 or 4....) then this is going back. I bought it at so hopefully their return process works well.

    Has anyone found a bluetooth headset that gives a lot of volume with the Treo 650??!! I'll give up some of the nuances and nice features for a bluetooth headset I can hear..

    If there is some magic hack that helps fix this I am all ears (okay, bad one). Or ANY recommendation on a bluetooth headset that gives you more volume.

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    The Jabra ear gel is suposed to help with this.
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    Thanks, I do see that now that I am re-reading all of the posts. Funny the first time through (before I bought it) I was so focused on the hardware I skimmed right through the ear gel stuff!
    I am going to try one out. But if someone knows of a BT headset with the same kind of quality with real volume, I am there.....

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    I have noticed this a little bit as well, but it's not enough for me to conclude that this isn't the best headset out there at the moment. I've tried three, and the 662 is bar far the best. All things considered, it performs best for sound, comfort, talk time, handoff and fit. I am planning on trying the gels, but even if they don't fit, this one is a keeper (and I tried the vaunted Platronics 640).
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    All my Best Buy had were the clear Jabra eargels. From the postings, it apears the purple ones fit better? Anyway the middle sized one fit with the headset hook on, but split as it was too small for the 662's speaker module.

    I then tried the largest size. No way that would work with the ear hook, but as someone else mentioned, without the ear hook it does keep it in your ear.

    Obviously it is louder, I'll have to see if it falls out while I am driving around.....

    I'd like to try those purple ones if anyone has a link.
    I've done a few searches without luck. Best buy does seem to have the color version of the clear ones but the design looks identical....

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    I found the color ones right on the Jabra web site.

    Their store goes through Hello Direct where you can then purchase them.
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    Yes I saw those on the Jabra site. Based on the picture, they look identical to the clear ones I found and do not think they are the ones that are fitting the HBH-662 any better. I know what the one poster means about the "wings" that help them stay on and fit better. I have seen them on Jabra products before (of course back then I was not looking for one!)

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    Oh great.

    I hope they're not the same as the clears ones.

    So then I wonder where everyone is finding these mystery ear gels......
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    I have been to all the Best Buys, Circuit Citys, and Comp USAs in the Baltimore area, but have been unable to find anyone who sells the Sony HBH... In fact, none of them seem to sell ANY Sony BT products.

    Does anyone know a B&M place to buy one? I am leery about buying one online, because if I don't like it, I have to pay return shipping. If I have to go through a few different BT options, that would make it pretty expensive in return shipping costs!

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    I started using my 662 with a clear earjel. I had to superglue it on to the 662, but it worked great. Sounded great! Could not use it with the Hook though. Was actually too loud that I had to turn down the volume!

    A couple of weeks ago, the earjel fell off, so I used the 662 with the Hook alone. That worked fine as well, but the volume wasn't as loud. Still plenty loud for me, but not as loud as with the earjels. Was going to continue using it with the hook until I tried to use it with my sunglasses on. That was kind of a drill. I'd had to take my sunglasses off so the hook could go on, then put my sunglasses over the hook. Worked, but wasn't as quick as putting the 662, with the earjet on, in my ear.

    I have now gone back to the earjel (superglued it back on). Works great!

    Only problem I have now is getting the 662,with the earjet on, in and out of my pocket. Since the earjet is silicon, it causes some resistance coming out of my pant pocket.

    Other than that, all is good and LOUD.

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    I also tried the S/E 660 with an eargel and pretty much found it to be a pain in the A**. I would be nice if the S/E was designed to fit an eargel but I found the design of the speaker on the 660/662 doesn't easily adapt to the eargel so I sold the 660.
    I'm now using the plantronics 510 and I love it. It is by far the loudest that I have tried and comes with several ear attachments for a perfect fit. The only downside is it doesn't auto-connect as fast...but I can live with that.

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