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    I have. It will longer pair with the Treo 650. Just one day, stopped pairing. I really don't want to have to buy another one if someone has an alternative solution to help me out. This is the best headset I've had (until the problem of course).
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    I assume you have tried re-pairing it by pressing both "+" and "-" on the HBH 662 like you did the first time? Also doing a soft reset in your Treo? Lately I have to do this frequently after I had it working flawlessly for a few months.

    My pairing problems started last month when I got my new car that has a Bluetooth system. Each time I get in the car and get my Treo to pair with the car's BT system, it disables the HBH662's connection. Once I'm out of the car, the Treo will not automatically recognize the HBH. I then have to re-pair the HBH662, as above, in order to make it useable with the Treo.,
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