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    Does anyone make a battery powered FM transmitter for the 650?
    The only transmitter I've seen advertised for the 650 is the Seidio iSound which I believe needs to be plugged in.
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    Belkin makes one that is available at Best Buy. It works with batteries or with an included power cord.
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    FM Transmitters will never replace tape adapters. I have tried it a lot of them and they don't give you the quality that tape does.

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    Well, you need a cassette player in your car then, don't you? Who has them these days?
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    I do on my 2005 Toyota Sienna. And I believe a lot of other new cars do. I believe only the low end ones don't.

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    Good point. I'll report back to Saab that 9-3SS, 9-2X and 9-7X are all low end models.
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    If your FM modulator is only for your car and you don't have a cassette adapter, go with this product:

    It is a wired FM Modulator. It is not quick to set it up, but once installed it is MUCH better than a wireless FM Modulator. It plugs in-line with your antenna and when you turn it on, it cuts off your stereo antenna to cut down on interference. I've been using for a few months now and haven't once experienced any interference. Sound is crisp and good bass and treble. Keep in mind it is still an FM modulated signal so it's not as good as a direct digital line-in connection to your stereo. I think it sounds just as good as the cassette adapter though. Depending on how hard it is to get to the back of your stereo, it could be tough to install. Also, the on/off switch they supply is bulky and rectangular shaped. I wired in a smaller one from Radio Shack to mount it easier. To power the modulator, I spliced right from t he +12V going into my stereo. Even though it's time consuming to install, you'll notice a world of difference from the wireless FM mods.

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