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    I feel like I've searched and read these forums until getting cross-eyed looking for an answer, so if I missed it, have mercy and please guide me in the right direction:

    How can I pull Lotus Notes/Domino V 6.5 email from my work server onto my Treo650 without using a laptop redirector or a forwarding service (which is what I do now using The forwarding service is an option that works and I’m using it but it gets a little messy because I still keep a copy on my desktop. My IT group, 1 person, has tried to help me but is not very familiar with PalmOS or mobile devices so has struggled as well, not to mention he is very overwhelmed…but supports my efforts

    I've tried connecting first with Movian because we use an IPsec VPN and made a connection but my Palm email clients (VM, Snapper and/or Chatter) won't connect despite what I am confident are the correct server/port settings.

    Any suggestions would be very much appreciated, thanks...
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    Dataviz InboxtoGo can do this (local Sync). Don't don't know about a wireless solution ok.
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    XTNDconnect PC is "suppossed" to do this.

    Also note:

    Question: Why does XTNDConnect PC fail when syncing e-mail on a newer Palm OS device?

    Answer: Palm changed the mail interface in Palm OS 5.0 and higher, preventing XTNDConnect PC from functioning properly. XTNDConnect PC can not support synchronization of e-mail to Palm VersaMail. However, we offer a free mail client, called MailPlus, that can be installed on the Palm device and can be synced to mail programs using XTNDConnect PC.
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    BizCon or mNotes will do it wirelessly....

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    OK, I've read about a half dozen posts about this subject. So I'd like to ask a question of my own.
    I just updated the ROM on my Sprint 650. I've loaded mNotes and the calender seems to work fine. Email is a different story. Every time I try to look at "settings" for email the device does a reset. But mail did come over on the hotsync.
    Any Ideas?

    Terribly sorry if this is a newb question.
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    Works GREAT! Been using it for more than 4 years.

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