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    What is a PQA? I have learned a ton from this board, but nowhere do I see a definition of PQA and why I would want them.

    By rough guess - Palm Query Application????

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    Palm has a lot of info on PQAs (yes, Palm Query Applications) and Web Clipping on their Developer Support website.

    There is also a White Paper at:

    The White Paper has an excellent explanation on page 5 of the how the PQA works with web clipping. Nicely done...

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    So I got the Platinum and love it! I just can't seem to get the 'autofind' features of the various files to work. They always tell me 'zip code 00000 not found' or 'address not found'. I like them anyways because they work better where there is not a strong CDPD reception. Any one know if this is just a HS problem or just me?

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