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    I just got my hands on a new laptop for work which has internal Bluetooth. I have BT @ home, but the control panel was different and the process of pairing my Treo 650 devide with my laptop (making a trusted device) obviously isn't the same and I'm having trouble.

    I have created a serial port in the BT config, but when I try to add my laptop as a trusted device, I'm prompted for a passkey (which I haven't set on my laptop). Regardless if I OK through it or enter something, it seems to always timeout. Here's a screenshot of the BT config dialog on my phone...

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    Are you entering the same passcode on both devices? You have to click on the blurb on your laptop and enter the same passcode as you enter on the Treo for things to work.

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    Got it working... so for you others:
    When I entered the passkey on the Treo, it would just sit there trying to connect, eventually timing out. I could tell it was tyring to connect with the laptop, and a connection was made, because the BT icon in the systray of the laptop changed to green (indicating it was connected). What i had to do was doubleclick the BT icon and THEN it prompted me for the passkey I entered.

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