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    I've been without my Treo 650 for 2 weeks now since I sent it off to have the hotsync connector and 'P' key fixed. Now I have it back and guess what? The 'P' key still doesn't click and the connector is still faulty!

    What's worse is that they re-installed all the Orange software that we all hate so much!!

    WHY DID I BOTHER!!!!!!
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    that's usually how manufacturers fix thing, reinstall the original craps.
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    Don't they send you a refurb? You don't get back your original unit, did you?
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    We have had two Treo out of around 150 have a problem. Each time they were replaced. They were not sent back only for the user to have to wait. They were replaced within a day. I think this is the first I have heard of Treo having to be sent off to be fixed. That sounds more like your carrier and not Palm.
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    I walked into a Sprint store with brocken Treo650. They kept it for an hour (the tech was busy). An hour later I walked out with a Referbed Treo650.

    So let me see if I have it right.
    They sent it away? and made you wait w/o a PDA or Phone? And sent you the same device back? AND IT WAS NOT FIXED??? and the biggest AND is "AND YOU BLAME PALM?"
    Hmm. I'm not convinced. Who did you buy it through? Was it Palm of a third party?
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    The Cingular send me a refur. one via USP within 2 business days. After that, I packed the broken one into their provided box and drop it in US postal Office. If your device is broken within 30 days of your new purchase, you gonna get a new one at their corporate store. Otherwise, it will go through the warranty dept and they send you a refur. device.
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    I originally phoned Orange when I realised I had a problem and the people on the phone were clueless to what this whole 'hotsync' thing was! After a few more technicians I spoke to someone who had more than half a braincell and he advised me to phone Palm direct.

    I sent the unit off directly to Palm after speaking to the technician on the phone and when I tried to add that my 'P' key was dodgy too, he said they will check over the whole unit as part of the repair. However I received my original Treo back a couple of weeks later with the same problems as before and a whole load of ROM re-installing to do.
    HP Pre 3 (UK)

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