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    I've got a weird situation... I currently use a PPC syncing with Outlook, and my wife uses a Kyo 7135 syncing with Palm Desktop. I just ordered 2 Treo650's for us, and I want to either:

    Sync mine with Outlook and hers with Palm Desktop
    Sync both with Palm Desktop

    I have another thread asking about the "split sync" of doing 2 treo's to 2 different apps, but if I just sync both to Palm Desktop, what is the best way to get my info out of Outlook and into my part of Palm Desktop? I guess I could sync my Treo to Outook, then reinstall with it set to sync with Palm Desktop - is that the best/only way?

    I know I have read somewhere that you can turn a Treo into a brick if you sync it wrong (with wrong app?) to start with, so I'm a little leary to try anything exotic.
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    The way it works today is all devices sync with Outlook (or some third party sync software), or all devices sync with Palm Desktop. There is really no middle ground based on the architecture of the HotSync manager.

    That said, you can either both create MAPI profiles in Outlook and sync to the different profiles OR when you sync your Treo's to the Palm Desktop, just pick two different user names (you will be prompted on the first sync).

    As for the 'brick' there are certain older third party applications that can cause the Treo to behave pretty poorly, but it's a relatively easy fix to get it back into working order. That is, brick status only lasts a few minutes until you reset the device not that it will never work again......

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