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    When i hotsync, it does not recognize the sd card.

    So i have to manually transfer the apps/games to the card on a reader to the launcher folder. Then the treo will be able to use them.

    Its a new treo, and newly installed hotsync/palm1 software.

    Also i created a new profile.

    So basically i just pulled it out of the box like i had never owned a treo before. Even though its my third.
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    If the SD card works in a card reader, but not the Treo . . . . . .hmmmm.

    Do you have an another SD card? Does any card work in the Treo?

    Wait a minute, a hotsync (with the app pointed to an install on the card) will not recognize the card -- but if you put apps on the card via a card reader -- the Treo can use them and read the card?

    Very strange. I have not a clue why the hotsync will not put an app onto a SD card that the Treo can read and use otherwise.

    Just in case thought -- you are requesting or pointing the install to the card rather than the internal memory, right? Other than that, I'm stumped.

    Cheers, Perry.
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