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    is this uncommon? I have about 1000 contacts in outlook 2003 and not a terrible amount of calendar entries. it takes about 3 hours to sync with chapura. i can understand it if its on the first sync, but this is every sync. I can't imagine 1000 contacts is huge, and i bought this SW, because the traditional palm sync is so slow. Has anyone else seen this? Is it expected? I have to imagine there's something wrong with my settings or something....
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    Let's see your Hotsync log.
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    eldiablo, my apologies for catching your Q a tad late but just in case you have not found a solution to this issue, I might have a remedy for you.

    I had the same problem. Every time I Hotsync'd, it will take hours on end to complete so I decided to hot reset my 650 but of to no avail. While making another attempt to sync, I noticed that the Hotsync window was 'stucked' on one particular date, 11/23/2004. Once that date has passed, it hung up on yet another date, 12/14/2004. Once it passed that second date, it resumed its original 'speed'.

    With those 2 dates in mind, I decided to check out my Outlook calendar and see what I've got noted down for those 2 days. To my surprise, I found not one but about 1000 or so blank entries on each of those 2 days. Took me a good portion of an evening to delete all those blank entries. Where it came from? I have no idea but maybe someone else on this forum might be able to shed some light on this.

    So, if you still got the same issue going, keep an eye on the initial sync to see on which date it's hanging up on. Then go back into calendar and check that date out. I will not be surprised if you have the same issue. Instead of deleteing those entries one by one, go to 'View' and opt to Arrange Current View by Category. You will find all the blank entries. Delete these and try syncing again. It works.

    Hope this helps, bro.
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