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    Has anyone auditioned both of the above and have a definite preference (based upon features) for one or the other? LM is a total of $19.95 while the VideoHound/REX combo comes in at about $28. Does anyone think that there is enough extra info or features to substantiate the difference in price? Any opinions would be appreciated.
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    I haven't used the Maltin pprogram but I do have Videohound-
    it is a very fun program. It runs flawlessly and the Rex database is updated every 2-3 months with the latest movies. I highly recommend this!
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    i have both the LM film guide and videohound and movie mentor as well and videohound is the best, both visually and actual data. i have a 2gb card and the extra images available are a nice graphic add-on. the rex info is also updatbale. i like all of pocket sensei's programs. i have the nexus dictionary and the columbia encyclopedia and use silver screen as my launcher. the graphics are great in all the programs.


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