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    took the $139 refrub 650 offer Cingular screen is great compared to my old 600.

    Got just the basic stuff on the 650: filez, jkware cardbackup, splash wallet, smartlist to go (v2.603), docs to go v7.005 that came with phone, Today Screen v2.3 (jonas lindstedt...though got a question on that over in applications forum).

    So far the old v2.603 of Smartllist seems to do all I need which is to copy over a Access database to the phone.

    I don't know that the docs to go v8 edition is really worth me spending $59 +/- upgrade cost. I'm a bit worried about their 'beyond contacts' app. Outlook and palm OS seems a weird enough relationship without tossing in another software app on top of them plus I like the palm OS and the way it dispalys calendar information (that is with the Today app added to it).

    Can someone give me suggestions about trying to web on a 650?

    Signed up for unlimited mobile with Cingular but surfing the web is a s..l...o..w process. Don't know the kbs rate but simply going to took a long time (around 800 kb of data I think that page loaded).

    Figure these are a few of my web surfing options:
    a) drop the data plan and accept doing the web on the 650 looks pretty but is too slow to make it worth $33.19 a month (I get a discount rate) and then kick myself for not waiting until mid 2006 for a treo that can surf at faster (broadband) speeds?

    b) go to verizon store and play with samsung i730 or that 6600? model with the larger screen; both of which surf at near broadband speed thus akin to hitting ones head against the wall as I watch my 24 month contract count down? though still in my 30 trail period

    c) look to my 'all knowing, kind, considerate, helping, fun to be around...ok enough of that...treocentral community to point me to a few threads to read to know how to improve the 650 web surfing so it is at least worth the money and time it takes to view pages; that is if this can be true on a 650.

    I read and printed out somewhere a thread on moving docs to go on a sd card so I need to study that a bit. Somehow my free internal memory is down to 8.1 mg. Yes, I know I should not be surprised.

    Biggest files are:
    netfontlib 1.m
    wordwiew+ 799k
    splashmoney 667k (may have to kill that one)
    multimail (what that is for I have not a clue)
    sheettogo 649k
    phone 645k
    dalacdc 637k (again not a clue what that is)
    smartlisttogo 583k
    dgraphconverter 546k (not a clue)
    ddtfonts 538k (don't know what app it goes with)
    zap!2016...havn't really played it much but still it should stay

    My pda says it is running applications v5.2H, palm os garnet v.5.4.7 (which I assume is the noraml 650 layout). Did the #*786 though it says I have only 104 minutes on the phone, software revision Treo650-1.15-CNG so I guess I need to see if I should be upgrading with any cingular path they may have out now..will go check that post for info.

    Saw something bout a webpro browser and ability to view html files off a sd card. Would like to do that with our company web pages if possible. Not sure about the loading of pages for places I have already been to. seems blazer reloads the pages each and every time instead of using catched pages.

    anyway, thanks for any input.
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    The fastes browser is Xiino

    Use the dataviz tool below to move documents to go to the card.

    Forget about those other devices the treo 650 is the best.

    Dunno about the cingular firmware.

    Did I miss anything?
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    I looked around on the mobirus site and could not find anything on the cost. Kinda important since its a 30 day demo, right?

    I will have my 650 in the next couple days and Im already stockpiling a list from this place!

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