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    OK, despite my best attempts, I have not been able to stop this "White Screen Of Death" on my Treo every few hours. I've tried wiping it clean, but the problem persists. The phone is a Sprint Treo 650 with the 1.12a firmware (e911 patch).

    Currently, I have only the following applications installed:

    BlueChat 2.1.2
    Butler 3.28
    IBM Java VM 2.2.012
    Google Local Java Applet 1.0.0
    Intellisync Mobile Suite (Corporate email suite I support)
    Note Pad 2.3
    CompressionPng & CompressionZlib for beaming Note Pad, 1.0
    Quicksheet & Quickword, as installed by Intellisync client 7.5.1
    RFBackup 1.2
    TCPMP 0.66k
    Voice Memo 1.2.1

    There are also a few PDB's, etc from applications I have loaded on an SD card, the only one that readily comes to mind is the GNU Keyring DB.

    Would anyone with experience with this issue care to comment on what I can do to resolve this? This device is absolutely useless to me when it shifts to a white screen LITERALLY every few hours.

    Thanks in advance!
    obscure information.
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    If it happens every few hours then hard reset, dont resync and wait a few hours, if it happens again return the phone. If it dosent happen again drag the contents of your back up folder to a new folder on the desktop then sync, wait a few hours if it happens again you have corrupt PIM (if you do just reply and I will help from there), if it dosent happen start adding you apps back in one by one waiting a few hours in between untill you find the offending file.

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