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    I just bought one of those fancy Krusell Handit Platinum cases, but I'm having trouble getting the phone to fit "just right". It feels like the phone is a millimeter or two too high in the case - the border around the screen overlaps the top of the arrow the home and the menu keys. The border also sits around the top of the screen so that I can't look at the phone straight-on - it needs to be at an angle.

    If I push it to force it in further, it ends up pushing the space or one of the other bottom buttons!

    Any suggestions for making it fit better? I tried taking the battery cover off to see if that might help give it more room, but it's still too tight for it to get down all the way. Will the leather stretch over time and just fit better?

    BTW, other than the fit not being "just right", the rest of the case is top-notch.
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    I also found it didn't fit as well as it should. Nor does the bottom spot for the headphones accomadate the standard 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter. Leather can adjust and stretch. I'm not sure the exact method (water, gentle heat or polish) is safest or best. I'll try to ask at my local shoe store to see what they say. If you like the case, this may be an acceptable method to fix it.
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    The case is exactly what I was looking for, with the exception of the mis-fit. I really hope that I can find a way to stretch it - any help would be much appreciated!

    BTW, I think the part of the case causing the problem is the bit of leather that sits around the palm connector at the bottom. I think it's too short, making the space at the bottom too small to fit the bottom of the phone.
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    It does say that it's also for the Treo 600, maybe it's actually more for the 600 than the 650. Also, the reset hole is placed where the Treo 600's reset hole is right?
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    Yeah - it does look like it was mainly for the 600 but "fits well enough" on the 650. The reset hole is off on the bottom right, opposite the 650's reset hole.

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