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    I've been looking around at cases now that I have a fresh 650 again. I haven't quite decided yet, but I found this case in an Ebay Store and thought it was interesting:

    It's somewhat like the Speck case but with rubberized grips.

    Anyway, I thought it was an interesting case and figured I'd share it since I don't recall ever seeing anything like it before.
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    Just went to the Speck website. They're the ones who make it. They have the "ToughSkin" and the "GripSkin".
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    Im sure its no different than their other cases. The holster arent real strong but OK. The skins are great! But get stretched out a bit, but OK. The flip lid falls off constantly which is the only real down side. Over all its a good case and if you dont like it speck will give your money back with no trouble.

    I sent mine back. I use Nutshell.

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