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    Prior to Launch'Em, I used a battery meter hack to keep an eye on my juice level. After I installed Launch'Em, I turned the hack off b/c I thought Launch'em had a battery level monitor.

    For several days, it read 100% (which surprised the heck out of me.) I cut the hack back on and the level showing in launch'em dropped into the 60's, which was probably about right.

    Does Launch'em not have a juice monitor?
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    It does. I've used it without problems and very much accurate to the built in battery level meter on both a VDlx and a Prism. It may be the Hack interfering even when not enabled in HackMaster? I guess I would try removing the Hack altogether just as a test.

    Bryan Nystrom
    Natara Software, Inc.
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    Thanks, Bryan. I'll let you know.

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