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    Anybody know if my backup software will work after mSafe locks my phone?

    Specifically, I use BackupBuddyVFS Pro. If my Treo 650 is locked, can BBVFS do a backup??

    I always turn off my phone before putting it in the cradle for the night. mSafe can lock my phone when I turn the 'radio' off, but my backups run in the middle of the night (one of the reasons I turn off the phone for the night).

    Will I have to unlock it myself after turning it off (what a pain that would be) or will the backup work anyway?

    Thanks for any guidance,
    Treo 755p / Sprint
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    Bump .. Nobody knows?
    Treo 755p / Sprint
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    Yes, backups will run even after mSafe locks the phone. I have ProfileCare turning the radio off at 11:30p which causes mSafe to lock the phone. BackupBuddyVFS runs at 11:45p without any problem.
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    Thanks for the feedback! I was going to go ahead and give it a try myself this evening, but it's nice to know it'll probably work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomvb2000
    Yes, backups will run even after mSafe locks the phone. I have ProfileCare turning the radio off at 11:30p which causes mSafe to lock the phone. BackupBuddyVFS runs at 11:45p without any problem.

    Are you sure that's what is happening?

    I tried it three times tonight. I set the BackupBuddyVFS Pro backup time for 5 minutes away, then I turn off the radio which locks the Treo.

    I've let it sit there for up to 20 minutes, and it does not perform the backup. BUT, when I unlock the Treo it pops up a window saying a scheduled backup will begin in 30 seconds and then counts down and begins.

    Can you think of some setting you might be using which enables this for you?

    Treo 755p / Sprint
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    Hmmm, not sure what the problem might be - never been an issue for me. fwiw, I'm running BBVFS 2.15 and mSafe 3.8. I assume you probably have the 3.x version of BBVFS but have no idea if that could be the problem. You might try the 2.15 version (trial) to see if it makes a difference.

    I vaguely remember similar behavior (not starting 5 minutes from now). You might try setting the time for auto backup and then waiting up to 24 hours to see if that makes a difference. I'm guessing that perhaps BBVFS doesn't see the scheduled time right away and (total guess) might need to pass midnight to get the schedule for the new day.

    I guess the other alternative might be to have BBVFS run it's backups before the radio is turned off and mSafe locks it. Problem their could be that a file is locked by the radio causing BBVFS to stop waiting for your dialog confirmation.

    There aren't alot of options to try, so hopefully one of these will work. LMK how it goes.
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    Interesting. Actually, I'm running BBVFS Pro v3.2.7 (not a typo). I must be special!

    I had a problem with 3.2.5 and they sent me this (the next day!) to see if it fixes it. I'm guessing it'll be released pretty quick.

    Anyway, I'll leave my Treo locked after I turn off the radio, and see what happens tomorrow morning for my regular 0630 backup.

    BTW- it's not a good idea to do your backups with the radio on. Your contact list (and I don't know what else) may be corrupted if you try to restore them. Reason is that the phone app has them open and you can't guarantee their status.

    Worst case for me, I guess, will be to turn off the radio, unlock the phone, and then leave it in the charger for the night. Oh, well. I'll let you know what happens tomorrow morning.

    Treo 755p / Sprint
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    Well, I don't understand how you do that, Tom.

    I turned off the 'radio' function last night (which caused mSafe to lock my Treo) and put the Treo in the charger for the night.

    BackupBuddyVFS Pro was set for my normal morning backup at 6:30 AM.

    I picked up the phone this morning at 7:50 AM just before I left for work, and entered my password to unlock it. Immediately I saw a popup saying a scheduled backup would begin in 30 seconds, 29, 28 ...

    When the phone is unlocked, the backup always happens on schedule, and is completed long before I pick up my phone for the day.

    I guess my procedure will be to turn off the 'radio' then unlock the phone before putting it in the charger for the night. A bit of a pain, but I guess that's the cost of having a bit of security.

    I think I will send an email to BlueNomad though, and ask them if they have an opinion on this.

    Treo 755p / Sprint
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    The only thing I can guess is that it works with 2.15 (for me) but not BBVFSPro 3.2.7 (for you). That's about the only difference I can see between our setups.

    It sounds like 3.2.7 treats the locked screen as a modal window which blocks all GUI input until it's unlocked. That's definitely not how 2.15 works.

    If I can find a trial version of 3.2.7, I'll try to duplicate your experience on my Treo.
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    OK, my final post on this:

    I emailed BlueNomad support about performing backups while locked and they replied:

    BBVFS cannot backup a locked device. Older versions may have been
    able to do this but they are not compatible with newer palm devices.
    There is a problem backing up a locked device as you could select to
    lock and encrypt data. If you did this BBVFS could backup encrypted data
    and if you had to restore your data it would still be encrypted and would
    be worthless to restore. We hope to have better support for this in the future.

    Tom, they also warned me that the version you are using does NOT support the Treo 650 completely, and said you should upgrade if you want to be able to rely on your backups.

    Forewarned my friend!

    Treo 755p / Sprint
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    Thanks for the followup - at least we now why it worked for me and not for you. I've restored the full backup a couple of times when doing the fw update. Other than that, I've only had to restore individual files like Saved Preferences. I've seen that "650 incompatibility" comment but have never yet seen an example or specific case when it didn't work properly on the 650.

    Smells a little bit like "we want you to upgrade so we only have to support the latest version. Oh, and by the way, the upgrade isn't free, so we get more revenue".

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