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    My Treo 650 has performed nearly flawlessly since I got it in July. But today it got a splash of coffee on it (thanks to a bump in the road) and now it is haywire. At first it wouldn't do ANYTHING. Now, when I reset it (soft or system reset), the Palm logo comes up like it is rebooting, but all I get is a blank white screen. Every once in a while the lit up keyboard begins to flash on and off like it is possessed. I figure to let the battery wear down (i've had it in and out of the unit, but to no avail), see if the circuitry needs to "dry out" (but, really, it wasn't soaked; simply a splash) which worked okay for past Motorola cell phones that had been literally washed in laundry. Short of a hard reset, does anyone have any suggestions? Should I try the hard reset? Is there any hope at all? Thanks.
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    You will probably have to take it apart and clean all the coffe that is causing the short circuits.
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    Can mere mortals....let alone NOOBs....take apart a Treo? How?
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    you can start here:

    Also do a search for the thread about the guy who put his treo in the washing machine. A lot of good info there on how to dry your treo out.
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