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    First of all, I thought I had turned off messaging, since I never use it. Wiping out the call numbers, etc. made no difference. I still get charged $.05 by T-Mobile for every stupid blip that comes in. I even get message prompts when I get emails (Versamail).

    Anyways, I've been trying to figure out how to prevent the incoming messages from disrupting pTunes and MobiTV. As it is now, when a message comes in it stops MobiTV, and then when attempting to restart MobiTV it freezes. pTunes has to be restarted manually.

    How do I workaround this? It's aggrevating


    unlocked/unbranded GSM / T-Mobile
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    anyone home?
    anybody care?
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    I hardly ever send or get SMS. Can you call TMobile and have them disable it from your account? I could with Cingular.
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    Doesn't the lastest version of PTunes Deluxes allows you to continue the music after the interruptions?

    As far as your unneeded SMS, you need to call TMo's customer service to block.

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