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    We had James MacDonald tonight at our church and I turned the sound button on the top of Treo to NO SOUND but I ended up getting nervous thinking an alarm or something was going to go off so I just took the battery out! Does turning the switch to NO sound cut off ALL noise??

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    Well not ALL noise. If you've got it set to vibrate it will buzz. Not a big deal if it's somewhat noisy i.e. some ambient noise. I turn my sounds off with the switch in church all the time and once in awhile it buzzes and no one but my wife usually noticed. Now try the same thing and set the phone down on a desk during a meeting and the buzzing as it dances across the table sounds like a freight train.... If this concerns you just go into preferences and change all the sounds tabs to do nothing when switched off.

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    Thank you very much!!! I was so scared of that phone going off that I had no choice to take the battery out when then left me worrying about my boys who couldn't get in touch with me. It's a relief to know that switch cuts everything off (except vibrate).

    My husband is so close to wanting a Treo now....but he can't mae his mind up between the Sprint Treo or the 6700....
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    Well, operational learning and third party software "how to" would be the same if you both had the same OS and hardware . . . . . . or if an on going "mine's better than yours conversation" would keep the marriage spiced up. . . go for the different OS devices.

    Cheers, Perry.
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