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    Not surprisingly, I cannot find any threads that address this likely obscure issues. I just added a Windows XP laptop to my current Mac Powerbook and iMac. I'm not syncing my Treo 650 with Windows and am interested in any apps people think are particularly exciting or useful that require Windows OS. I was looking at Backup Buddy... but they just added Mac support ;-) I also saw Liberty Control and there is a journal writing program I found months ago that I'm trying to locate again. Part of the reason I added a Windows computer was to enhance my options for desktop connectivity.

    Things I'm particularly interested in would be software to remotely connect to my desktop and folders, sync various user-specified folders between my SD card and desktop, desktop application control (like Salling Clicker, Liberty Control). Any suggestions for apps that people like that require Windows would be great appreciated. Sorry in advance for such a broad and general question, but hopefully some of the categories I mentioned will help narrow it down... though please feel free to add any suggestions if you just think the app is great!
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    Bump... anything?
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    I'm investigating Handmark's Mobimate Desktop Pro. Setting up travel itineraries and other details on the confuser, and then hotsyncing them to Worldmate Pro.

    Might be really great if I did a LOT of traveling, which I don't.


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