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    Tekkeon ezTalker Digital ET3000

    I was able to get my hands on one of these headsets. It arrived today so I thought I'd get a little mini-review up.

    One thing I want to say up front. I spoke to Tekkeon today. Any of these headsets currently being sold are pre-production models. Tekkeon doesn't plan on mass-producing these for at least another week.

    Here are the details on the headset straight from the Tekkeon web site......

    Cut loose, even from your mobile phone, with ezTalker digital. Now you can browse your mobile phone book and make calls directly from this innovative new headset. Using the bright, OLED digital display, you view the caller ID before you answer a call, and make calls using advanced features like stored number redial, last number redial, and voice dialing. Since you don’t need direct access to your mobile phone, you can safely store it in your pocket, backpack, or briefcase—just about anywhere in close proximity that is convenient for you.

    ezTalker digital is equipped with a rechargeable lithium polymer battery to provide up to 5 hours of talk time and 120 hours of standby time while maximizing the quality of communication through the headset. Conveniently located in the headset earhook, the battery can be replaced with a spare to provide even more hours of talk time.

    The speaker sits comfortably in your ear to precisely direct sound and the uni-directional microphone is positioned to direct your speech, while significantly minimizing background noise.

    ezTalker digital is designed with Bluetooth v1.2 technology and is backward compatible with Bluetooth v1.1 devices.

    The ezTalker comes in a plastic package.

    Included in the package is the headset, charger and manual.

    The charger is nice and small making it good for taking it on the road.

    The ear loop, which can be removed and placed on either side, is VERY large but also quite comfortable. The headset only weighs .9 oz. and that makes it very easy to wear.

    Pairing is accomplished as with most other headsets. Hold down the talk button for eight seconds or so brings up the word "pairing" on the screen. You are then able to pair the headset with your phone of choice.

    Once paired the headset goes into "standby" mode.

    The screen eventually goes dark until a calls comes in or a button is pressed.

    Now here's the deal with the caller ID function. I called Tekkeon and they informed me that the "phonebook" feature (where you're able to browse through your phone's phonebook on the headset) is only compatible with Motorola and Sony Ericsson phones. BUMMER! This also means unless you're using one of those phones you'll only see the number (no name) for incoming calls.

    When a call comes in the headset shows the word "ring" and then shows the number. There is no sound in the headset itself only the ringer coming from the phone. Another bummer (at least this was my experience when using it with a Treo 650.) The FAQ's on the Tekkeon web site say there should be a tone played in the headset during incoming calls however, mine does not do it. I will be swapping this pre-production version for a real version in the next few weeks.

    While a call is connected the headset continues to show the number of the caller. And "ring" changes to "answered."

    The headset stores the last 15 dial/received telephone numbers which you can browse through and re-dial if needed.

    Sound quality on the headset was very good. I didn't hear any static while talking with the phone in my pocket.

    A list of devices which are compatible with the ezTalker can be found here. Although I find this somewhat misleading since not all features (phonebook) are compatible with the devices listed.

    Very comfortable to wear
    Nice and loud
    Good sound quality
    Small charger
    Caller ID shown for incoming calls

    Not all features work with all phones
    Large headset
    Text is small and can be hard to read
    Delay when dialing/receiving calls

    I'll add to this review as I use the headset.
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    1. can we see a pic of this monster on your ear?
    2. can we see a pic of its underside? (the ear-touch side)
    3. static???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gekko
    1. can we see a pic of this monster on your ear?
    2. can we see a pic of its underside? (the ear-touch side)
    3. static???




    I hear a tiny bit of static when the Treo is in my pocket. Less than the Plantronics 640 I recently aquired.
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    wow, that's quite a contraption. thanks.
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    what about the voice dialing? I know the treo does not have software to support this, but have you tried that with any third party dialing software and if so how does it work if at all. Thanks
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    I have the Voice Signal app. installed on my Treo.

    Doesn't work with the headset.
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    I've tried the Treo headset and the AX2 and both had static. Maybe I'm just too picky, but I need corded-quality/reliability. From everything I've read - I just don't think the technology is there yet - with ANY BT Headset/Phone combo. We'll get there someday, but until then, I'm forced to used the included wired ear bud. Snaps, crackles, and pops are simply not acceptable.
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    How does this compare to the HBH-662 (if you have used it)
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    I currently own the HBH-662.

    -Volume is louder
    -It's larger but seems more comfortable
    -Incoming call number doesn't scroll like the 662
    -Display area is much larger
    -Text is small like the 662 but easier to read on the OLED display
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    so do you prefer the ezTalker or 662? the ez looks huge compared to the 662
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    Too soon to say.
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    this may sound stupid, but for a point of reference, can you take a pic with the 662 in your ear?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dean2526
    this may sound stupid, but for a point of reference, can you take a pic with the 662 in your ear?
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    Daaaang, that earpiece is huge compared to the 662, but I guess it would be since it houses the battery. Does is feel secure, or does it flop around if you move your head? Looks like the earpiece is similar to the one on the Mini EzTalker.
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    It feels very secure on the ear.
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    The headset has gone on Ebay if anyone's interested.
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    Has anyone tried the EZtalker Mini, also made by Tekkeon? It seems to have pretty decent reviews at Cnet. Supposedly you can wear it with or without the earhook.
    Here is a link...

    just grabbed the New Egg link since it has a few different pics, although some are blurred.

    Just ordered the Tekkeon EzTalker Mini from for like $57 plus tax and shipping. Came out to about $65, but I decided to get it from them. In case I'm unhappy, I will try the Plantronics Voyager 510, which they also sell for less than $50.
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    Thanks for all the info!! Where is everyone getting there 662 from?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dean2526
    so do you prefer the ezTalker or 662? the ez looks huge compared to the 662
    I just got the ezTalker -- and I have an HBH-660. While I've only had the ezTalker for a day, I have to say that I like it more than the 660 for a few reasons.

    The ezTalker is significantly more comfortable (I wear eyeglasses.)
    The ezTalker uses a standard Nokia charger, so it's easy to recharge while traveling.
    The ezTalker has stored number redial. While it can't access the Treo's phone book, the ezTalk can call back any of the last numbers you've received calls from without your having to access the phone itself.

    The cons -- it's big (but comfortable); and the eZTalker takes 5 rings before you can answer it using the button on the headset. (Maybe there's a way to fix that.) That last con makes it very hard to answer a call using the headset's button before voicemail kicks in. But you can answer a call by pressing any button on the Treo (something that the Treo seems to do all too easily, as many Treo users know) and the call will be transferred to the headset almost instantly.
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