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    Quote Originally Posted by rbenjami
    Most of my slacks have a small pocket inside the bottom of the right front pocket. It is designed for change (not quite like the one on jeans). In every pair of slacks I own the treo (no case) fits in that small pocket within a pocket perfectly. It is held against my leg and I easily feel it vibrate.
    I wasn't going to admit this, but... I have been known to tuck my Treo into my underwear just so I know it will wake me up.

    Hmmm. It works, though.

    Actually, it's usually fine if I'm wearing jeans. But if I'm wearing work trousers I won't feel it, and that's when I need it most (I sleep on the bus on the way into work and back home again).

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    Quote Originally Posted by DTom
    Try one of these. Alot easier than tearing into your phone.
    I'm trying to find a UK supplier for these (or similar) but I have a feeling I'll constantly be forgetting it. And anyway, I bought the Treo so I could carry one thing instead of two (phone, Tungsten E) so this will be a step backwards!

    If nothing else, I could butcher the vibrate units from them...

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    Funny, I have the opposite problem. I always feel the thing vibrating even when the phone is not on me.
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