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    sorry i'm not real smart on computer stuff but i've seen people really excited about being able to have java on their treo. what does it do and how do i get it. will i be able to do a lot more things. this is probably a dumb question but oh well. thanks for the info.
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    Some apps like Kmaps (google maps on your treo) require java in order to run. It takes about about 2mb of RAM for Java and can't be on an SD card.

    From the Kmaps site:
    "IBM Java implementation, WebSphere Everyplace Micro Environment is available at no cost to customers who purchased a Treo 650 smartphone and a Tungsten T5 handheld handheld. Other customers with supported devices can purchase IBM WebSphere Everyplace Micro Environment at Software Connection for $5.99.

    Go to , fill in the form, select your device and download and follow the installation instructions (they are fairly simple).

    Once you installed Java, go to your "Prefs" where you will find a new "IBM and Java" section. Tap it and under Global Preferences change the Memory Heap Size and Thread Stack Size to maximum."
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    Is it worth loading?
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    If you want kmaps or you use opera browser.
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    I still don't understand. I have installed the Java from palmone but I can't seem to get anything to work. Everytime I try to download something like kmaps it says not supported by phone and saves to card?

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