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    Quote Originally Posted by dynamojon
    This is a newbie question, but does adding programs to the ROM improve stability? what are the benefits of doing this?

    My opinion: If you first remove un-needed things from the ROM, like for GSM unlocked, just the 4 extra language files, leaving one as a primary, that makes for just under 4 MB that you can put back in with app you use regularly/like more.... whatever. There are other files I have removed from my Treo, but the language files are by far the greatest space saving on an unlocked GSM world phone.

    Apps running from ROM run considerably faster, partucularly when they are large apps. MSDict is one I use. See above post of mine... the 8 second difference.

    Generally, adding apps will not make your Treo more stable, and conversely, if you are considerate with the apps you add, it will not make it more unstable either. So in that arena, it is a draw. You can make it unstable by adding appps that are not happy in ROM, or apps that conflict with the OS/other apps.

    Hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lovecostarica

    Hey CrazyC!

    Yes, the speed savings can be great sitting from being used in ROM. I have an Eng-Spanish Dict (2.5 MB). 8 seconds coming off the SD card, and a blink of an eye from ROM.

    Did you see a post at shadowmite's site yearning for your thoughts?

    The one from crchickadee? I saw it when it was posted, but didn't have the time to read through everything right then. Since, I kind of forgot about it. I'll read through the questions and see if I can help, but I'm not an expert, just someone that has messed with my 650 ALOT.
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    Unfortunately, I don't think I was much help. All the questions were regarding GSM roms, which I have never played with and don't have a gsm phone to even look at how their setup. Sorry.
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    That info really helped
    Thank you & Happy THanksgiving all!
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    Great list. Need any help?
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    Can folks please update this list to include the new FAT32.prc file in their ROMs?
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