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    Quote Originally Posted by RandyGOP
    Great tip eKeith, thanks. I don't think I have an option with Backupman to just restore preferences, but I never thought of putting my Saved_Preferences.PRC file on my SD card.
    With BackupMan you can choose individual files to restore. Just select a set and under the Tools menu select Restore individual files. Saved Preferences is one of the files.
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    I've had zero problems with my DTG8 update.

    I have a GSM600 (not a 650). I run Macs, not PCs. I am using the (Mac) Palm Desktop software, not Missing Sync. I don't sync to address book or iCal. I don't iSync to anything. (I use a PIM called Organizer, and it comes with a Palm conduit that handles address book, calendar, and notepad functions). I'm running OSX 10.4.3 on both my Macs.

    My install went exactly as expected, the same as my install for version 7. I moved everything to my SD card, using both the mover built into DTG8 and the utility program (currently version 1.5, btw, which is newer than the 1.2 version bundled with DTG8. And the tool gives the wrong reading for resident ram on mine too; it's a bug). I checked with a utility program (Palm Internals) to make sure there were no dregs of DTG in ram that were moved to the SD card (there weren't). I run with about 5MB free memory in my GSM600.

    Everything just works. DTG8 finds all the files it's supposed to. I left it set to search the SD card when it's launched, because it's so "non-modal" about it, I see no reason not to. If the file I want is already in the list, I just tap it and DTG just opens it; no delays at all, except for the expected one to two second delay while the appropriate reader is read from the SD card. Attached emails, including PDFs now, just get detached to the proper directory. When I HotSync, everything just works as it's supposed to. New files get sent to the right folders on the SD card, everything gets backed up, and the desktop component of DTG8 doesn't try to put applications back into the RAM of my 600.

    I don't think the Mac DTG desktop application even has a function to check which DTG applications are on the handheld and sync in a copy if they're missing. (There is a function that will have the desktop client re-install files, via manual selection). From the HotSync logs posted above, the problem is with the PC HotSync conduit and/or desktop software...

    As to PDF reading, it's not perfect, and it's not fast, but it sure works a thousand times better than PalmPDF 0.5, which was essentially useless for my needs. The PDFs I read using PalmPDF, with even 10MB free memory, ran out of memory ALL the time, and took MUCH longer to load. The DTG8 PDF reader takes a bit to load each page, anywhere from maybe 10 seconds at best, to close to a minute if the page is really, really, complicated. But it loads and displays properly, in every case. Most of the pages in the PDFs I read take about 15 seconds to load. Most of the PDFs I read are 20 pages long, and one or two MB in size.

    I'm very happy with DTG8, and still think $30 was a fair price for a PDF reader that works, something I've really wanted since I first got the 600, two years or so ago. It sounds like DataViz has some bugs to work out though, which thankfully don't seem to manifest themselves in my setup.

    Now if I could only decide whether to get a 650 (for the 4x resolution jump, and pretty much nothing else), or wait another six months or so to see what Palm has up their sleeve. If I'm forced to go to Windows, I doubt I'll stick with Palm hardware (think MotoQ). I hate Windows; I love PalmOS. But that's another thread, isn't it...

    Bill S
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkY
    Anyone else have this problem?

    I am experiencing a problem with my registered copy DocumentToGo Version 8 that did not happen with version 7. I am using a Sprint Treo 650.

    Whenever I move the DTG application to my SD card (using the either the latest Tech Tool or the Manage Application option from within DTG on my Treo), on the next HotSync DTG wants to reinstall DGraphConverter.PRC, DTTFonts.PDB, and PDFToGo.PRC. After the applications are reinstalled, the Treo resets as soon as the HotSync completes.

    This only occurs with DTG moved to my SD card. If I leave the application in main memory the HotSync will not try to reinstall these programs and I do not get a crash.

    I have been able to get a successful HotSync if I delete those three files from the C:\Program Files\palmOne\’name’\Install directory as soon as the HotSync places them there. I do this during the HotSync before they have a chance to be installed to the Treo.

    Same Here. It's obvioulsy a fairly widespread problem. Let's see how long it takes DataVizzzzzzz to wake up and correct this.

    Based on past experience, I'm not hopeful.
    Tony Ricciardi
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    Whem I tried to open a PDF with the 8.000 version I got an error. I beileve that these were scanned images of newpaper articles. Can these files be opened with DTG 8.000?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tonyricciardi
    Same Here. It's obvioulsy a fairly widespread problem. Let's see how long it takes DataVizzzzzzz to wake up and correct this.

    Based on past experience, I'm not hopeful.
    Did you open a help call/e-mail with DataViz? I assume they are more likely to address this if they get more complaints about the problem.
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    I trialed DTG for its .pdf functionality, and found that it crippled Blazer's ability to associate .psi files with Package Installer. Unchecking all the associations didn't help,so I could no longer do OTA upgrades to Chatter.

    It took a hard reset and restore with BackupBuddy VFS to return back to normal. (BB worked flawlessly, btw.)
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    I was wondering why I wasn't able to update Chatter. Anyone know another fix? I use BackupBuddy VFS too but I don't have a recent enough backup.
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    Wow, I hope they address these issues. I've really grown accustomed to OTA updates.
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    I have DTG 8.0 and just upgraded Chatter OTA. The .psi file download and autoinstall worked just dandy.
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    When I do the OTA it does not give me the option to install to applciations. There are two choices Web or Card.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scsanden
    When I do the OTA it does not give me the option to install to applciations. There are two choices Web or Card.
    This is exactly what happened to me-- the Package Install option just disappeared.
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    I reinstalled the PalmSource installer and then tried updating chatter. It took me to a page that said I needed to install the latest installer. I tapped the link and it allowed me to install the installer to applications. But then the choice was gone again when I tried to update Chatter.
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    I went through the exact steps you did, re-installing and updating, to no avail. That's why I finally relented and hard-reset.
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    so you are back to normal after a hard reset and backupbuddy restore? i'm probably going to have to do that too. backup is a few days old but this isn't cutting it.
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    Something is clearly wrong with DTG.

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    Thank heaven for BB- yes, I restored everything from my last checkpoint, which was about a week ago. Then, under Advanced/Restore, I found a few more up-to- the-minute files that I restored. Frankly, it's a relief to be done with the bloat of DTG.
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    A part of pdf support, does DTG 8 supply new features on the other apps? Something new in the desktop companion?
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    Heres the new dataviz tech tool. It gives the correct RAM reading. It would be a idea to use it to delete the documents to go preferences. Just open the tool and go menu, advanced options, delete preferences.

    The version 7 preferences dont carry over to version 8 well.
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    I installed DTG 8.0 by hotsync and subsequently upgraded Chatter to 1.1.4 OTA using the PalmSource installer without any problems...

    (BTW, I can also still listen to .wav files using the built-in ringtones application).
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    Quote Originally Posted by eKeith
    I bought it. Glory!

    You don't need the Tech Tool any more. There is an option to "Manage Applications" which is an upgrade beyond Tech tool 1.5. It moves more of the applications to the card than does Tech tool 1.5.

    Also, it's got color support, multiple zoom levels and you can use the stylus to drag and pan around the PDF.

    And with class, instead of crashing on low cache memory, it gives a warning and advice to soft reset!

    You should not delete your old version first. The upgrade installation first verifies that you have the old version as a qualifying product. Then it removes the old applications and installs the new.

    $30 is a lot for an upgrade but I'm glad I got it!
    so - do I need to move everything back to ram and uninstall the tech tool before i upgrade?
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