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    When I do a sync to my computer does it sync whatever I have (pictures) on my SD card also.

    I ask because I want to test mSafe and wipe my SD card but I want to make sure all my stuff on the SD card has been saved first and I can get it back after a hard reset and sync.
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    NO Hotsync does NOT back up your SD card. There are products you can buy to do that (I think BackupBuddy for Windows for example) but not standard Hotsync.

    But, you could just put your card in a card reader and copy the whole thing to your PC if you want to experiment with Msafe.

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    BackupBuddy backs up the content of the SD card, but by default it ignores .MP3 files and a couple of others. You can set it to back up everything. I would also suggest the card reader idea, just to be safe.

    By the way, mSafe works GREAT!
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