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    I've had an Innopocket aluminum case for about a year now and have discovered that the knurled knob that goes into the beltclip has worn away the plastic tabs in the clib that lock the knob into the clip. Is anyone else having this problem? Any ideas on where to get a new clip. I've tried emailing Innopocket but have heard nothing back yet. Its a real PIA since the case can now fall out of the clip with very little effort.
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    Go to best buy and look at universal cell phone belt clips. I found one at my local Best Buy that works just fine. The belt clip that innopocket sends you is pure cheap crap. Didn't last me 6 months.
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    Yeah the metal-on-plastic action doesn't do the palstic any favors. I'm a little surprised they haven't reponded; how long's it been?

    I e-mailed them when my first clip broke in a month, and they quickly sent me 2, free of charge. Even FedExed them. 3 months later, I'd converted one into a dash mount and lost the other. I ordered 2 more online and got them within a week.

    If it's been a while with no response, let me know and I'll dig up the direct e-mail address of the guy who was so responsive for me.
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