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    I saw some people mentioning about HanDBase not supporting 5-way, which it does not, but there is a new Beta version out that does (released mid-October).

    The beta version out that does support 5-way controls (not perfectly but usable unlike before). Hopefully they can fix any lingering bugs and release the new version (Since I think that is what is keeping some treo users from the app). I do get an occasional reset from time to time, could be my overly complicated databases though.

    So if you already own it, you can download the beta version at their website.

    Notes on the new version:

    - Checkboxes - if they are the first item in the view and you use the center button it checks them. This does cause a problem if you want to edit the record instead of check it (must use the stylus then). A good fix for me would be to add a menu item to edit the record.

    - You can only move down one line at a time or one page... I think they should add both so you can navigate big databases this way and still select a certain record.

    - Forms do not have a focus list, I think it goes by the order they were added. So that is kind of a pain.

    If you wanted to help them out email to features @, any features you might want added.
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    Oh good! I finally got rid of HanDbase from my Treo because it is useless if I have to pull out the stylus (I'm getting lazy I know). I'll give this a try for sure!

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