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    hi all... been using my Cingular 650 since their initial release and will be traveling in Asia this coming week so i went ahead and bought an "unlock code" from a website that has been spoken of highly here in the forums... what i am wondering though is, should i update my phones firmware to any particular version before unlocking, or does it not matter? can i do firmware updates in the future after i've unlocked the phone, or will it revert to a locked state if i update the firmware in the future? lastly, any recommendations as to which firmware version i should be using? i don't need any of the bundled Cingular apps for what thats worth...

    any input would be great, thx friends..!
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    Firmware and subsidy lock are unrelated.. Personally I prefer the generic Palm GSM firmware, but to get there from a Cingular FW you have to upgrade to an intermediate test firmware which allows changing from CNG to ROW, then to the latest from there. There is a large thread on it, but it's not for the weak of heart honestly.

    Personally I'd leave the FW alone if you're leaving next week; if you have trouble then it'd be hard to get it taken care of. You will want to make sure your unlock code worked; borrow a sim card from someone on another carrier and see if it works.
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    thx for the reply friend, i am actually already running one of the generic (unbranded?) firmware versions from an upgrade done via SD-card a few months back, but don't recall the version number... just wasn't sure if it could affect the unlocking procedure adversely in some way. i'll go ahead and unlock the phone tonight, as i already have a tmobile card to test w/ afterwards.

    thx for the reply, much appreciated friend..!

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