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    After spending $350 on a smartphone, and after updating the firmware provided by Cingular, as we all know, the DTMF tones are too long to allow us to access our voicemails remotely.....Every other cell phone in the land can do this.....but not mine. I cannot believe this, and I have been waiting very patiently for an update from Cingular to correct this unbelievable problem.

    Does anyone have ANY idea IF Cingular is going to correct this, and if they are going to correct this......WHEN?

    Thank you.
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    I think I saw a post by you in the Cingular update thread that your DTMF tones problem was fixed with the 1.51 update.

    I didn't have such luck. Wil you give me some specifics of your Treo configuration and how you did the update?

    I did a hard reset of my CNB (old AT&T), ran the udate with a new user name, and then tested the phone without loading any other software or restoring any 3rd party software from my backups. So I should be using a Treo as it would come from the factory with the latest firmware/ROM software image installed on it.

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