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    Just wondering if anyone has one and if it is durable or not?

    Here's the link
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    I opted to get the rugged skin one that is like 34 bucks and should arrive tom...This has a clip as well but will protect outside of clip also
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    Please search. I know the search engine is less than ideal, some threads don't quite address the point, etc., but this ain't one of those instances.

    2. I'm quite happy with mine even though I'm leery of Seidio products in general. Would link to previous posts, but that's a pain when on Treo.
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    thanks for the reply, i came from nextel so i am used to all my phones having clips....the nextel clips are durable....this looks similar....thats why i wanted to get some input
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    I have this one. It is VERY durable. It will cause the paint on the treo to chip where it comes into direct contact, which is the top clip itself, and the bottom corners.

    "Big deal," says I. But if it is a big deal to you, don't get it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ineedatsx
    Just wondering if anyone has one and if it is durable or not?

    Here's the link
    Very Durable.
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    It is durable. The belt clip is a bit too long on top and tends to poke your side, but can easily be filed down. Once I filed mine, it's perfect. I do see some paint chipping on the top of my treo too (where it clips in) but that's not too bad.
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    Very Very durable. One of the best holsters ever used. highly recommended.
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    I got the Seido and it is da bomb. You won't be sorry.
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    Mine finally broke after three months of HEAVY use.

    Yes, it scratched the paint off the bottom corners and the top right - next to the silent switch, yes it pokes you if you wear it on your side (I've taken to wearing mine back further and it's not an issue). However, my treo has taken at least three major tumbles, each of which surely would have destroyed it, had it not been in this case (once down a rough concrete stairwell!). This is no doubt a lightweight, durable, very functional case (truly one hand operation!).

    The weak point: The spring inside the belt clip. It snapped, first on one side two weeks ago and it was no longer able to safely hang from the visor in my car, then today on the other side, and now the clip just flops and I wouldn't even trust it on my belt.

    The benefit of doing business with the treocentral store: I let them know and they're sending me a free replacement!

    Oh, and as an added bonus - not advertised by Seidio - this case can double as a stand if you set it down on the clip and place your treo in it, face up - ok it doesn't really stand UP, but I can at least read the display when it's sitting on my desk at work this way and a text message or phone call comes in.

    - Jay
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    I have one and the clip that holds the phone in on the top has a small stress fracture and sin't securly holding my phone any longer. My phone has fallen out of the clip three times and I have been very lucky that nothing broke. I just sent an e-mail to SEIDIO to see if this is a problem with mine or with all of them. I also notice my part number is different than the new ones. Mine says PRTR 650. I am not sure whether or not I should get an exact replacement. I am not a heavey user and take care of my things.
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    My old one started to develop a stress fracture on the bottom, but it's never spread or given me trouble.

    I just got my free replacement of this holester and it's the same part number (both of them have 'PITR650' stamped into them) but my new one definately has some improvements in the construction of the clip.

    The clip its self is positioned slightly lower and has a more contoured shape, where my old clip had pretty pokey rectangular edges. They have also upgraded the hinge pin and it appears that the spring might be a little meatier...
    - Jay
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    I ordered an exact replacement through treocentral and it is set to arrive on Friday. I am looking forward to some minor improvements that should make the clip much better.
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    mine broke after a few months also - the bar that acts as a hinge for the clip. I'm "big boned" & when I sit in a chair with armrests, my cell holsters somehow always manage to catch the arm. I guess it had enough & finally decided to break. Weird how it was the metal hinge & not the plastic that broke... Anyhoo, I took a piece of a paper clip (the thicker variety) & used it in place of the hinge. I now have a working holser again & still love it (even though it scratched the paint off the top corner of the phone)

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