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    I just got Motorola HT820 stereo bluetooth headphones against the day that someone can get A2DP working. In the meantime, I thought I could use the Bluetooth for phone and a wire for stereo (and maybe get an A2DP dongle some day).

    In any case, the HT820 works fine as headphones when I use the wire that it comes with (together with a RadioShack 2.5mm to 3.5mm adaptor). And it works fine as a headset via Bluetooth when its unplugged. What's weird is what happens if I get a call while the wire is plugged in. The Treo and the HT820 recognize each others existence enough for me to answer the phone using the headset controls. But then the Treo seems to assume that I'm using a wired headset so that I can't get sound (or use the mic) out of either the Treo handset or the HT820 headset.

    I assume it's that the Treo sees the plug and reads it as a wired headSET instead of wired headPHONES. Anybody have a suggested workaround?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I'm not sure but I think your only chance is to plug a wired headset without the mic connection, maybe the treo can detect the wired headset as a "music only" device if the mic connection is missing. If this doesn't work I think you have not any other options
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    Nope that doesn't change anything. Nor would I have expected it to, since the HT820 only sends voice/mic via Bluetooth -- not the wire -- so that the Treo _should_ already be viewing the HT820 via wire as headPHONES and not a headSET. I've seen some other posts about impedance and fit for Radio Shack adaptors. Is there any reason to suspect that's the problem? I'd love to solve this problem, but I don't want to start down a path of chasing phantom solutions.

    Thanks in advance to all w/suggestions.
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    Any answers to this question? I am looking for the same thing.
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    me too, I want to play mp3 through a cassette adapter in my car but also have bt headset operational. Help
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    Quote Originally Posted by dgelfuso
    me too, I want to play mp3 through a cassette adapter in my car but also have bt headset operational. Help
    <bumppity bump>

    Same deal here. Did lots of searches but found nothing so far? Disabling the headset jack with HeadCold even if there is something plugged in still doesn't force the audio to my Bluetooth headset while on a call.
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    please Treo gods, there must be a solution!

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