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    I tried to find a thread along these lines but couldn't. I just got a new Cingular T650, which so far is fine. My question is, since I am not quite done using my Tungsten E, waiting for my SD card to arrive so I can install what I have been using in the past, is it possible to synch my T650 on my home PC as well as my TE? Each machine has a different ID name associated.

    Do I need to uninstall the palm desktop and hotsync software that came with the TE and reinstall the stuff that came with my T650? Or will I just need to create a new profile for my Treo inside my PalmOne program folder?

    I will not be synching the Treo with my Outlook because the company uses GoodLink and I know how to turn off the conduit for that.
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    Just install the desktop that came with your treo into your pc and hotsync. As long as each device has their individual ids, it's fine. My pc has a treo650, T3 and a m125 hotsyncing to it.
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