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    i searched a lot through this forum...

    is KeyDates (included in KeySuite from Chapura) the only application available to sync color coded calendar events from outlook 2003 ?

    the problem is chapura doesn't make french software.

    agendus seems to be like a lot too much options...i tried it. didn't like it.

    and datebk5, not sure i can view color coded...only icons coded.
    plus, i was not able to sync calendar categories with datebk5, is there a special conduit i must install or what ?

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    Yes, IMHO- you could also try from Dataviz but I don't know if that is available in a French version or not.
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    i found datebk5 in french.

    i found how to change default font color and background color.

    like for exemple, business category background is green.

    ok for all views except week view which show green rectangle but with black inside cause font is set to black...

    but if i want the rectangle to be all green, i set font also to black, then in other views of the calendar, i get green on green, so i don't see anything...

    i want black on green....but in week view, i want all the rectangle to be green like in the standard datebook app in treo 650.

    any hint ?

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