I'm not sure if I'm using the right terms, so let me know if what I'm saying is not clear.

I'm having an issue with the "menu" poppping (the menus that pop up when pressing the top right button) up in certain applications when I turn on the phone. For example, lets say I'm in Messaging and I set the phone down. The phone eventually turns off. I then press the red power button to turn the screen on. The menu tabs automatically pop up. This also happens in Memos, Contacts, Preferences, Call Log. It doesn't happen in other ones (i.e. 2day, Initiate, Contacts).

Also, after pressing the green phone button the last ten contacts/numbers should appear, but they don't. They appear briefly (half a second) then it disappears. Sometimes holding down the redial button will not work.

Some apps I have: Butler, Profile Care, keycaps, 2day, Initiate, Phone Tech, mp3ringer.

A soft reset fixes things, but it eventually happens again. I'm trying to figure out exactly when it happens, but seems to be at random times. Any ideas? I have a 650 Sprint 1.12.