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    I have read a lot about them and I think I want to go that way. My question is what size labels do you use on your Treo 650? What is the best size and looks okay?
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    The skinny long ones would fit on the side of a Treo (there's a pic of this on the stuffbak website), but I personally think they're too hard to read.

    I use one of the little round 'stuffbak' labels on my Treo. It's on the back of my phone next to the camera lens. My thinking was that I didn't want it on the battery cover which is removable.

    I've actually changed my mind on that and (if I can get the tag off) I may replace it with a larger 'standard' one on the battery cover. Since it relies on an honest (or at least greedy for reward) person to return it, it seems having it on the removable battery cover may not be a dawback.

    Treo 755p / Sprint
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    I do the same as ChickenHawk--one of the small round labels on the back of the unit (not the battery cover) next to the camera lens/mirror.

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