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    I'm thinking about selling my TomTom Navigator on eBay and had a few questions:

    1. Do I need to do anything to allow the activation code (that I've already used) to work for the buyer?

    2. Is there any difference between the TT Nav 5 "Upgrade" pack and the full package? Can someone without Nav 2004 install Nav 5 just by using the Upgrade pack?
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    I'd very curious to know the answer to #1 as well.

    I had mine on Ebay but took it down. I was under the impression that once it's activated that's it. Hope I'm wrong. I'll put it back up for sale.
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    From the TomTom website:

    I am having trouble activating a second hand tomTom Navigator.
    TomTom Navigator requires online software activation. All copies of TomTom Navigator are sold with a product code. This product code can be used to activate the software on one device.

    Second hand TomTom Navigator products are likely to have already been activated once or more by the first buyer and the product code may therefore no longer be valid. For this reason we advise our customers not to purchase TomTom Navigator second hand. If you have already purchased a second hand TomTom Navigator product and cannot activate the software, we suggest you return it to the seller.
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    Well, I guess I'll stop looking on Ebay for a second hand TomTom!!
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    More info from TomTom:

    Application for new Product Code
    In order for product activation administration team to issue a new product code please fax documentation that can demonstrate product ownership and the repair / replacement of the Pocket PC device?

    Items of documentation should include hard copies of all of the following:

    A copy of the purchase receipt for the TomTom Navigator for PalmOne or Pocket PC PDAs.
    For internet retailers, a printout of the rich content receipt in HTML form and trademarked by them is a reasonable alternative. An online copy of a purchase receipt is usually accessible via your online account space with the supplier, or by searching for it by supplying transaction number and one other detail. Email copies of purchase receipts are not preferred due to the authenticity of content and / or origin.
    A photocopy of the front of CD 1.
    A photocopy of the existing Product Code label supplied with the original copy of TomTom Navigator.
    The Product Code label is a white label with 15 letters and numbers on it. Click here for details of where to find the Product Code label.
    Also supply one or more of the following items in qualifying your particular circumstance:

    A service and repair documentation demonstrating the replacement of the original Pocket PC.
    Store returns receipt(s) demonstrating the replacement of the original Pocket PC.
    If a second Pocket PC has been purchased recently send the purchase receipt / documentation for the original and new Pocket PC.
    Supplying the information above will aid in expediting the release of a new product code from our product activation administration team to within the same day or less (relative to our hours of operation of 9 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday to Friday Eastern Time)

    Please note that the TomTom Licensing agreement affords each customer two concurrent active installations of Navigator only. If you have only activated TomTom Navigator once in the past you can apply for the second activation code from as long as 7 days have passed since the original activation.

    Once we have received such formation we will gladly supply a new product code to activate Navigator. Please fax the documents along with a copy of this email to: (978) 287 9522 and address the fax to attention of the Activation Team.
    Upon receipt of this information, we will be happy to provide you with a new activation code.
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    I spoke with TomTom today and they said that Navigator can be activated on 2 devices. The second activation code can be obtained via

    With that in mind, here is a link to my eBay auction for a TT Navigator 2004 with Bluetooth GPS for Palm if anyone is interested:
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    Funny because when I e-mailed them a few months ago to ask they told me that no one else would be able to activate it. They even sent me the text of the service agreement.

    That's when I took my auction down.
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    You are right, you cant activate it more than once, unless you go through that long process of showing some proof of purchase, unless you are good at guessing activation codes....
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    But another person can just use the first code?
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    the code is "device specific"
    it is calculated to the specific unit it is registered for. you would have to sell them your treo to use the same code
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    If you can have two concurrent units,is it possible for me and my wife to share one copy two devices at the same time?
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    Quote Originally Posted by brett3333
    If you can have two concurrent units,is it possible for me and my wife to share one copy two devices at the same time?
    I believe you can but haven't tried it myself. This was posted previously.
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    I've finally got TT5 running -- and I love it, and now it looks like the keyboard on my Treo is going bad. Frozen and erratic keys.

    I'm about to send the Treo in to get an exchange unit.

    Does that mean that my TT5 will not port over to the new Treo without my going through some cumbersome process?

    That can't be right. I own the software, have registered it in my name and have activated it. They know who I am and where to find me.

    Isn't there a way to reactivate in a way that let's them know it is me, instantaneously, like one does with other copy protected software?

    I like TT5 and when I get through to their people, they are very competent. But, they are busy and don't always get back quickly.

    Has anyone gone through the process to get the second activation? How long does it take?


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    My treo had keyboard problems and I had to exchange it. I had to use my second activation to get tomtom to work on the new treo. The process was straight forward. you have to go the The problem will come when i need to exchange for a third treo.

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