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    I'm pretty sure I have gMail configured properly. When I send a message to my gMail account from another account just THAT message downloads to Versamail, when someone else sends me a message and the others on the gMail server Versamail won't download?
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    If you could explain in greater detail what the problem you are having is, I should be able to help you. I just don't understand your problem as you wrote it.

    I been successfully using Versamail with Gmail since summer.
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    It does not download the mail on the server, I am on Sprint.

    If I send myself a message from another account and then get mail in versamail it just downloads that message and ignores everything else on the server.
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    I think what livestrong meant was what are your settings in yoru VM configuration?

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    I solved my own problem. I had a setting wrong in gMail pop forwarding.

    BUT, when I delete stuff on the Treo, the next get mail it downloads again. This is not good because my Earthlink account is huge and I don't delete it on the server and I don't want it on the Treo.

    Eudora, doesn't download stuff again once you delete it on the Treo. Can VersaMail do this?
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    I believe VersaMail can delete from the server but Gmail won't let it...
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