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    I downloaded Blazer and I'm not very impressed. Yes, it's blazing fast on the links listed on its starting page. But when I started looking at other URLs I found it a lot slower than my usual browsers. Plus it has an annoying habit of freezing up for a few seconds as it connects to each site and starts downloading.

    But I noticed something interesting as I browsed its built-in sites on the starting page. A lot of those pages were optimized for PDAs, including some AvantGo pages. And when you went to those pages, you could discover their URLs by creating a new bookmark -- something I haven't figured out how to do in AvantGo itself. Once you know the URL, you can visit AvantGo's optimized sites on any browser.

    For example, AvantGo's version of the NY Times is at:

    Are there other ways of finding AvantGo's private URLs? Does anyone know of any others? I'd love to be able to access more sites that are optimized for AvantGo without having to use AvantGo's browser, which isn't great for surfing.
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    You can use I'm bugging Marcus to make a version specifically for Palm OS browsers.
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    I would love to know some of the avantgo urls to use with IsiloWeb. I cant stand using avantgo with my solo- too biggggggg.

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    Here are some more URLs I found through Blazer:

    CNet News Central,10450,,.html

    Wall Street Journal mobile edition Flight Tracking (cool site for travelers)

    Motley Fool


    Weather Channel

    Frommer's City Guide

    ZDNet Top Stories

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