Palmosters Development Team released "IconsPlus" It is a system preference panel, which can set your favourite icons for any applications on your device. The icon will be changed globally for any third-party application or launcher.
IconsPlus stores icons in its own iconpack format and supports icons storage formats of two popular launchers (ZLauncher and SilverScreen), what gives you a wide range of choice.

+ Automatic and manual icon selection from iconpack for each application.
+ Supports number of launcher applications:
Applications (built-in launcher)
Favorites (built-in application on Tungsten T5/E2/LifeDrive)
ZLauncher (
SilverScreen (
MegaLauncher (
WinLauncher (
Resco Explorer (
+ Supported icons:
ZLauncher iconset databases
SilverScreen icons from databases theme

System requirements:
Any handhelds running Palm OS 5.0 or later, such as:
+ Treo 600/650
+ Tungsten C/T/T3/T5/E2
+ Zire 72
+ LifeDrive device

Program Page: